GZU Leaders Joined the Students for Lunch
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On the morning of May 13th, Li Jianjun, the Secretary of GZU Party Committee, accompanied by a number of key personnel from the General Office of GZU, the Office of Student Affairs, and the Department of Logistics, visited Dining Hall No.5 on the new campus and ate lunch with the students.

During the meal, Li Jianjun had a nice conversation with students. In addition to asking about their birthplace and eating habits, he asked for their opinion on campus facilities, the dinning environment, price of meals, and taste of the food.

Students expressed their opinions and made suggestions for improving all aspects of campus life including clothing, food, housing and transportation.

After talking with the students, Li Jianjun stressed that the dinning hall should provide a wider variety of foods to meet the diverse eating habits and needs of the student body, which includes students from northern and southern China. Taking the students’ opinions into consideration, he noted that relevant sectors should pay heed to the following issues: 1) the canteen sets a minimum consumption requirement at certain stores; 2) the canteen charges slightly higher than local stores, 3) if a student loses their meal card, the balance of the replacement card is set to zero; and 4) the floor gets rather slippery inside the dinning hall on rainy days. He hopes that relevant authorities will deal with these issues in a bid to create a desirable learning and living environment for the students.  

Text: Liang Yukun (GZU News Center)

Photography: Li Hui (GZU News Center)

Chief Editor: Li Hui

Senior Editor: Tang Juan   

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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