Peng Xilin, the President of Shaoyang College, Visits GZU
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On May 8th, a delegation from Shaoyang College, including President Peng Xilin and Vice President Xiang Wenjiang, visited GZU and exchanged their views at a meeting held in Xianzheng Building, Room 311 on West Campus. Song Bao’an, the Academician and President of GZU, and Li Junqi, Vice President of GZU, attended the meeting.  

After Li Junqi introduced the historical background and achievements of GZU, Xiang Wenjiang briefed the participants on the development of Shaoyang College.  

Peng Xilin spoke highly of GZU for the achievements it has made in recent years. He hopes that GZU will be able to provide suggestions and support in areas such as discipline construction and doctoral program applications.

Song Bao’an extended a warm welcome to the delegates from Shaoyang College. He noted that the meeting has created a wider window of opportunity for further cooperation between the two universities. He hopes that the two schools will take advantage of their strengths to promote cooperative programs, educational exchange, and school leadership.

Participants exchanged views on various subjects including discipline construction, development planning, scientific research, and international exchange.

Also joining the discussion were key GZU personnel from different sectors including the Planning and Development Department, Graduate School, Science and Technology Research Institute, the Office of International Cooperation, the Office of International Relations, and the College of International Education.

Text: Zhang Wei (GZU News Center)

Photography: Li Baifeng (GZU News Center)

Chief Editor: Fan Jiajia

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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