GZU Awarded Six Doctoral Students the Honorary Title of "GZU President’s Special Award"
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GZU Awarded Six Doctoral Students the Honorary Title of "GZU President’s Special Award"

On May 8th, six GZU doctoral students were conferred with the “GZU President’s Special Award” for their roles as village leaders, according to the “Detailed Rules for the Implementation of GZU President’s Special Award.” The awardees include: Qi Puying, Liu Na, Wei Chunle, Yang Linlin, Shao Wubin and Zhao Jingyun.  

On May 6th, 2018, GZU’s "Ph.D. Village Leader" project was officially initiated. The goal of the project is to offer assistance to poverty-stricken villages in Guizhou. The project facilitates doctoral students’ specific plans to create poverty alleviation projects in an effort to boost rural business development and provide quality education. Under the supervision of their mentors who have been engaged in agricultural projects, they will implement a number of plans including promoting modern agricultural technology, providing training on new environmental protection, popularizing fundamental governing knowledge, and conducting research on rural development strategies.  

Devoted to helping the villagers, the Ph.D. village leaders have accomplished numerous initiatives including: 1) setting up a pilot base in Datang Town, Pingtang County; 2) visiting the Chinese cabbage base and crayfish aquaculture base and offering specific guidance to local farmers; and 3) collecting local soil samples for analysis and testing soil fertility for pest control solutions. Keen to help locals solve specific problems, the leaders are seen as down-to-earth, genuine, helpful, and highly efficient by village communities. They helped the villagers in different ways, including providing educational programs and basic governing skills. In addition, they have made significant efforts to help the villagers preserve and promote their cultural traditions. There is no doubt that they have been able to benefit people in Guizhou by putting theory to practice. They have been highly praised for their poverty-alleviation efforts by Sun Zhigang, the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.  

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