GZU Signed a Cooperative Agreement with Singapore University of Social Sciences
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On April 17th, the signing ceremony of cooperation between GZU and Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) was held in Room 403 at the College of Continuing Education. Zhang Qin, Vice President of GZU, and Xu Jizong, Executive Vice President of SUSS, jointly signed the agreement.  

Leaders from Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange attended the ceremony, including: Zhou Baoying, President; and Wu Yuehua, Project Officer. SUSS leaders present included Xie Hanwen, Dean of S R Nathan School of Human Development; and Ye Minsheng, Director of Experiential Learning Center. A number of GZU personnel from various sectors also attended the meeting including representatives from: the Office of International Relations, the College of International Education, and the College of Continuing Education.  

At the ceremony, Zhang Qin, on behalf of GZU, extended a warm welcome to SUSS and the Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange. She briefly introduced the history and features of GZU and reviewed the cooperative projects between GZU and Singapore universities. She noted that China and Singapore have a long, friendly relationship, which has fostered pragmatic cooperation as well as fruitful achievements. She hopes that the two universities, taking this cooperative opportunity, play a contributing part in training professionals.

On behalf of Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange, Zhou Baoying expressed her support for the cooperative project. She remarked that SUSS and the College of Continuing Education of GZU reached a consensus on educational and professional training projects last year. She hopes that with the signing ceremony successfully held at GZU, the two universities will work jointly to empower more coopferation projects in international education.  

In his speech, Xu Jizong expressed his sincere desire to work with GZU. He introduced the history and academic disciplines of SUSS and hoped to cooperate with GZU through Student Innovation & Entrepreneurship Programs and Exchange Teacher Programs.

Following the signing ceremony, the two parties continued to exchange views on specific cooperative items and other areas.

Text & Photography: Yu Hairong (College of Continuing Education)

Chief Editor: Yin Zixi

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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