Defense and Selection Meeting Held at GZU for 2019 First-class Discipline Special Area Talent Positions, Academic Discipline Leaders, and Academic Backbone Teachers
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On April 12th, a meeting was held at GZU’s Chinese Culture Academy in Minxue Hall, involving selection process of the applicants who defended their application for 2019 First-Class Discipline talent positions in special areas, academic discipline leaders, and academic backbone teachers.

GZU leaders attended the meeting, including Li Jianjun, Party Secretary; Song Baoan, President; Wang Honglei, Executive Vice President; and Jin Daochao, Xiang Shuwen, Li Junqi, Zhang Qin, and Deng Chaoyong, Vice President. Also present were key personnel from the Personnel Department, Science and Technology Research Institute, Philosophy and Social Science Research Institute, and Academic Committee Secretariat. The meeting was hosted by Song Bao’an, director of the Academic Committee of GZU.  




At the meeting, applicants defended their applications for different leading positions including GZU First-Class Discipline talent positions in special areas, leaders in academic disciplines, and academic backbone teachers. Among the applicants, five applied for special area talent positions of GZU First-Class Discipline projects, 29 for leaders of academic disciplines, and 31 applied to be academic backbone teachers. Before defending themselves, they gave a comprehensive report on their personal biography, research findings, major achievements, and careerblueprint.

Following the defense, the academic committee voted and approved of all applicants and their positions.

Text: Zhang Chan (GZU News Center), Ruan Zhenzhen (Intern)  

Photography: Li Baifeng (GZU News Center)

Chief Editor: Zhang Chan

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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