Claudia Von der Linden, Vice President of Graz University of Technology in Austria, Visits GZU
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On the morning of April 8th, Claudia Von der Linden, Vice President of Graz University of Technology in Austria, visited GZU and then attended a meeting in the First Conference Room of the Administration Building. Zhang Qin, Vice President of GZU, partook in the meeting. Also present were key personnel from the Office of Teacher Affairs, Graduate School, Office of International Relations, Guizhou Big Data Industry Research Institute, College of International Education, College of Tobacco Science, College of Big Data and Information Engineering, and Tomislav Cernava, the foreign expert from the Tobacco Science College.

Zhang Qin delivered a speech and extended a warm welcome to the delegates from Graz University of Technology. In her speech, she introduced Guizhou's rich culture and unique ecology while highlighting the characteristics and advantages of Guizhou which boasts a wide variety of biological resources and green agricultural products. In addition, she reviewed general information about GZU including its history, achievements, as well as the cooperative exchange between the two universities.  

Claudia Von der Linden firstly introduced the development of Graz University of Technology, which has over two hundred years’ of history. Then, she introduced the interdisciplinary system and research directions in the field of materials science such as sustainable development, vehicle engineering, information science, and human and biotechnology. The University has attracted 3,000 international students from 100 countries to pursue studies as a result of a wide range of programs increasingly offered in English.

Following the introductory speeches, the participants engaged in discussions and exchange views in terms of students’ exchange projects, teachers’ professional training, plant micro-ecology and biological control, and big data research.

Following the meeting, the Vice-President of Graz University of Technology visited the Chinese Culture Academy.

Text: Feng Shichun (GZU News Center), Ruan Zhenzhen (Intern)

Photography: Li Baifeng (GZU News Center)

Chief Editor: Yin Zixi

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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