“The Belt and Road Initiative” Sino-Italian Education Development Forum Successfully Held at GZU
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On March 31st, under the supervision of the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy and Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange, the “Belt and Road Initiative” Sino-Italian Education Development Forum was held in Room 403 of the College of Continuing Education of GZU. The forum was hosted by the College of Continuing Education and sponsored by the College of Music, College of Fine Arts, and China Vista Education Group. The conference focused on educational development, in particular the cooperative education programs between China and Italy. A number of Italian university presidents and prestigious professors attended the forum and exchanged their views. Jin Daochao, Vice President of GZU, was present at the meeting.

In his speech, Jin Daochao noted that GZU has been working with China Vista Education Group and Italian higher institutes of fine arts since 2014. Through this joint effort, they have created a channel for artistic talents, and paved the way for students from Guizhou to pursue studies of fine arts in Italy. GZU will make the very best use of these efforts and seek further collaboration with Italian universities in a bid to facilitate cooperative postgraduate programs this year. Jin hopes that everyone involved will seize the opportunity brought by the “Belt and Road Initiative”, and explore new ways for further cooperative education projects among higher education institutes. He added that all involved should share their experience in talent training in an effort to build a people-to-people bridge of connectivity.

Sun Xiaobing, executive director of the Chinese Society of Educational Development Strategy and professor at Renmin University of China, remarked that the forum provided an opportunity for the two countries to enhance cooperation in the field of education. The China Education Association for International Exchange, one of the top-level associations under the Ministry of Education engaged in research and decision-making for educational strategic planning, expressed their willingness to continue their efforts in educational exchange between China and Italy and create a more diversified environment.

Zhou Baoying, president of Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange, commented that China and Italy are ancient civilizations with prodigious culture and have both long been committed to cultural exchange. In the future, Guizhou Education Association for International Exchange will make greater effort to create a smoother process for educational cooperation between Guizhou and Italy.

Wang Zhengchang, President of China Vista Education Group, introduced background information of Sino-Italian educational exchange, including Italian culture and the contributions the Group has made for Sino-Italian educational exchange. He hopes that everyone present at the forum will seize this golden moment of opportunity and actively promote educational cooperation and coordination between the two countries.

Sergio Ferrari, President of Modena University; Emidio Domenico De Albentiis, Dean of the Perugia Academy of Fine Arts; and Maria Cristina Curti, Associate Dean of the Parma Academy of Music, made a brief introduction to their universities respectively.

The forum also included key personnel from GZU, Guizhou Normal University, Guizhou Minzu University, Guizhou University of Finance and Economics, Guiyang College, Guizhou University of Commerce, Guizhou Vocational Technology Institute, Kaili College, Tongren College, Anshun College, and the Affiliated High School of GZU.

Since 2014, dozens of students from GZU have been successfully admitted into the baccalaureate degree programs of various universities such as The Polytechnic?University?of?Turin, Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, ACME Academy of Milan, and Academy of Fine Arts of Perugia.

Text & Photography: Yu Hairong, Chen Mengzhu (College of Continuing Education)

Chief Editor: Yin Zixi

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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