"Xishan Yandao-EYE English Salon” for GZU Postgraduates Kicked Off
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On the afternoon of March 20th, a ceremony was held in Mingzheng Building at GZU to celebrate the launch of the "Xishan Yandao-EYE English Salon” designed for GZU postgraduates. Present were Song Bao’an, President of GZU; and Linghu Caitao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee. Also joining the event were key personnel from relevant departments and foreign teacher and postgraduate representatives.  

Linghu Caitao delivered a keynote speech. She remarked that the English salon will make a positive impact on academic and foreign exchange programs. She suggested that relevant departments and colleges should play an active role in supporting the salon, and postgraduate communities at all levels should get involved. She hopes that “EYE English Salon” will become a high-level and influential organization.  

Following Linghu’s speech, President Song Bao’an announced the opening of the salon.  

The first salon event was held right after the opening ceremony. The students present interacted with one another in English while playing fun games to improve their speaking skills.

The Postgraduate Affairs Office of the Party Committee, Graduate School, and Foreign Language College sponsored the “EYE English Salon” for GZU postgraduates. Other organizers include the Office of Faculty Affairs, Office of International Relations, College of International Education, and divisions of postgraduate programs, who will take turns hosting the salon. The organization is intended for all postgraduates of GZU to keep up with internationalization. Above all, the salon is expected to create a rewarding environment for postgraduates to learn English and improve their English language proficiency.  



Text: Chen Fang (GZU News Centre), Wu Xizhen (Intern)

Photography: Luo Yu

Chief Editor: Fan Jiajia

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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