Hou Zhengmeng, Academician of Germany’s Clausthal University of Technology, Held a Lecture at GZU
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On March 14th, Hou Zhengmeng, academician of Germany’s Earth Sciences and Geotechnical Engineering Academy; and professor at Clausthal University of Technology in Germany, visited GZU for academic exchange.  

Li Jianjun, Secretary of the PartyCommittee of GZU, met with Academician Hou Zhengmeng and extended a warm welcome to him. Li gave an account of the remarkable achievements GZU has made over the years in terms of academic discipline construction and professional training. He also introduced the latest progress of the cooperative projects with Germany. He hopes that GZU will seize this opportunity to facilitate more exchange with Germany.

Following Li’s speech, Academician Hou gave a lecture entitled "Implication ofGermany’s Energy Transformation for China and Innovative Green Energy ENSYCO Visions" at the Chinese Culture Academy. He underscored the urgency of energy transformation and new energy utilization from four perspectives: 1)issues in energy consumption of the world and China;2) potential problems and key solutions during energy transformation;3) Germany’s energy transformation model; and 4) green energy ENSYCO visions.  

Additionally, on March 15th, Hou Zhengmeng participated in a discussion with key personnel from relevant departments of GZU in the No.1 Administrative Building. Vice President Li Junqi attended the meeting hosted by Vice President Zhang Qin. The participants present made suggestions and held in-depth discussions on cooperative programs for undergraduates and postgraduates from GZU and Clausthal University of Technology.

Text: Feng Shichun (GZU News Centre)

Photography: Luo Yu, Li Hui (GZU News Centre)

Chief Editor: Li Hui

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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