GZU Will Jointly Run Schools with Zunyi City
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On the morning of February 24th, representatives from the city of Zunyi joined a symposium held in the first conference room of the No. 1 Administrative Building on the North Campus and discussed matters on running schools jointly with GZU. Attending the symposium were: Song Bao’an, GZU President; Jin Daochao, Deng Chaoyong, GZU Vice President; Wang Haibo, Member of the Standing Committee of Zunyi Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization Department; Jiang Shipu, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zunyi National Economic Development Zone, Secretary of the Huichuan District Party Committee; and He Jiaqin, Deputy Secretary-General of Zunyi Municipal People's Government. Key personnel from relevant functional departments and colleges at GZU as well as from Zunyi attended the meeting, which was hosted by Jin Daochao.

Wang Haibo introduced the current environment of Zunyi including its socioeconomic, cultural, and educational development in recent years. In his introduction, Wang Haibo expressed the intention of working with GZU to jointly build the Zunyi Campus of GZU. He noted that Zunyi is well aware of the solid strengths of GZU and looks forward to this cooperation. Both communities hope that through this concerted, collaborative effort, a broader platform will be created for talent training, scientific research, and professional services.   


Deng Chaoyong presented the overall blueprint for the Zunyi campus, including general information, basic orientation, personnel scale, and specific execution. He noted that the move will result in great outcomes for both parties, as it aims to mould the Zunyi campus of GZU into one that provides internships for undergraduates, research opportunities for high-level technical talents, and professional training for enterprises in Zunyi.

Following Deng’s remarks, Jiang Shipu presented information about the new campus site, Huichuan District, including the socioeconomic development of the area.   


Song Bao’an indicated that GZU will go to great lengths to establish the jointly-run campus with the support of the Zunyi Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government. He recommended three key collaborative approaches to the project. First, during construction of the Zunyi Campus of GZU, one should strictly abide by the requirements of the Ministry of Education and stay prudent in matters related to the new site and school orientation. Second, a special task team should be formed focusing on top-level management. Third, the project should take advantage of the strengths in Huichuan in terms of its educational conditions, political ecology, natural environment, and policy support. Project leaders should make a comprehensive plan benefiting the government, the school, and students as a whole. It is expected this project will be mutually beneficial for GZU and the city of Zunyi.  

At the meeting, the participants also held in-depth discussions on a variety of topics in terms of cooperation methods, specific matters related to cooperation, organizational framework and management structure.  


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