GZU Professor Yang Junchang Won the Second Prize of the Outstanding Achievement Award in Population Science of China for His Achievement in National Social Science Fund Project
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From December 15th-16th, 2018, the Ninth National Congress of the Chinese Population Society & the 2018 Annual Conference was held in Beijing. More than 600 members attended the meeting. During this occasion, the 7th Chinese Population Science Outstanding Achievement Award, assessed every four years and deemed as the top academic award in Population Science by the Chinese government, was presented. Altogether six second awards were accredited to winners from southwestern China, including Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan, and Guangxi provinces. Guizhou earned one prize, which was awarded to Professor Yang Junchang of GZU. Professor Yang won the second prize of the Outstanding Achievement Award in China Population Science for his book “Research on Southwestern Ethnic Population Culture,” which was a project conducted through the National Social Science Fund of China. 

The title of the book is the same as that of Professor Yang’s project with the 2010 National Social Science Fund. The project was completed in June 2013 and passed the acceptance check. The introduction to “Research on Southwestern Ethnic Population Culture” was selected by the National Social Science Planning Office for "Collection of National Social Science Fund Project Achievements" (10th Series), which is designed for public education. Remarkably, Professor Yang’s book is the only one selected from Guizhou for achievement among the 91 projects.

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