GZU Campus Fete: Faculty and Students Celebrating the Arrival of the New Year
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On the afternoon of December 29th, GZU’s North Campus auditorium was packed with enthusiastic people in spite of the freezing cold weather, to celebrate the “GZU 2019 New Year Garden Party.” GZU leaders including Li Jianjun, Song Bao’an, Linghu Caitao, and Tang Benwen joined the faculty and staff and students for fun, games, and celebration of the coming New Year.   

At the food festival, teachers and students gathered in front of food stalls and tasted delicacies prepared by students from China and different countries like Laos, Thailand, and Kazakhstan. They were amazed at a variety of exotic food such as turkey noodles, the special “lucky(will-pass-tests)” grilled food, fruit popsicles, wine beverages, and snacks of all kinds.

GZU leaders had a great time talking with faculty and students while enjoying all sorts of games. The students danced in their ethnic costumes while playing the Lusheng (Miao People’s wind instrument) or the drums. The school leaders joined in and danced to the music. The pleasant music, along with silver-colored uniforms, brought a strong festive spirit to the campus.

The campus event featured different colored streets, which were used for different activities such as riddles and fun games. Thirty-eight campus communities played a part in putting together these various programs. The students, partaking in activities such as the tea show, martial arts show, Chinese dancing, calligraphy show, and folk dancing, enjoyed the cultural experiences tremendously; they were also awarded gifts for being active participants in different activities such as riddles and other games. This event was a fun way for teachers and students to celebrate the coming New Year!

Text: Liu Ruiand Wu Xizhen

Photography: Li Hui (some pictures provided by GZU Youth League)  

Editor: Fan Jiajia

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

Translator: Li Xiaorong

Proofreading: Zoe Novak, Zhou Jie

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