Party Committee Secretary of Xiangtan University Visiting GZU
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On November 2nd, Huang Yunqing, the Secretary of the Party Committee of Xiangtan University, made a tour of Guizhou University to communicate and exchange ideas with GZU colleagues. He paid a visit to the Academy of Chinese Culture of GZU. During his visit of GZU, he was accompanied by Li Jianjun, the Secretary of the GZU Party Committee, and Linhu Caitao, the Deputy Secretary of the GZU Party Committee.

At the premises of the Chinese Culture Academy, the head of the Academy briefed Huang Yunqing on the educational and cultural progress achieved in Guizhou, including historical information such as how Guishan Academy wastransformed into the Guizhou Institute of Higher Learning a century ago. Huang Yunqing also visited the Diligent Learning School, Lidao Hall, Yangming Research Room, Renwen Hall andother academic venues of the Academy.


Text: Tian Xin, Guo Li (Intern), GZU News Center

Photography: Chen Heng, GZU News Center

Chief Editor: Yin Zixi

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

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