The Establishment of the Criminal Defense Research Center for College of Law of GZU - Zhejiang Jinglin Law Firm (Guiyang)
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On the afternoon of November 5th, the signing ceremony for the agreement on the donation cooperation between the College of Law at GZU and Zhejiang Jinglin Law Firm (Guiyang) was held at the Academy of Chinese Culture of GZU. Present at the ceremony were Linhu Caitao, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee; Xu Zongxin, director of Zhejiang Jinglin Law Firm and chairman of the partner meetings; and Shao Zhonghua, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Law School of Renmin University of China. Key personnel from the Law Firm of Zhejiang Jinglin (Guiyang), GZU’s directors of the Development and Planning Department, Office of International Relations, and College of Law and its relevant divisions also joined the ceremony.

In her speech, Linhu Caitao pointed out that the College of Law enjoys a long history and has made tremendous progress in training skillful talents and conducting research. The College has also made great contributions in administering law in local areas. It is believed that this cooperation will benefit the school greatly in terms of discipline construction and specialist training. Linhu Caitao hopes that the College makes every effort to push forward the cooperation so as to further progress and achieve.

Xu Zongxing explained the reasons for the cooperation from three aspects: geographical connections, human connections, and legal liability. He pointed out that the administration of criminal defense is the weakest part of China’s rule of law. He also expressed his hope to work with GZU to impart criminal defense skills and theories to students and thus foster more excellent criminal defense lawyers. He suggested that both sides should promote cooperation to efficiently achieve remarkable outcomes. Scholarship awards and an academic research center will speed development. All these efforts will foster the promotion of the rule of law in China.

At the ceremony, the Criminal Defense Research Center between the College of Law of GZU and the Law Firm of Zhejiang Jinglin (Guiyang) was formally announced. Hu Xiaobing, the Party Secretary of College of Law, and Fang Jiajing, the director of the Law Firm of Zhejiang Jinglin (Guiyang), signed a donation agreement together with a cooperation agreement. On behalf of the College of Law of GZU, Hu Xiaobing accepted RMB 500,000 yuan from the Law Firm of Zhejiang Jinglin (Guiyang).

The Law Firm of Zhejiang Jinglin mainly deals with criminal defense and established a branch office in Guiyang early this year. The contribution of 500,000 RMB will be used to fund the Jinglin Scholarship at GZU in order to reward teachers of the College who have made remarkable achievements in teaching and research. Awards also go to students from College of Law who have attained outstanding results in all sorts of competitions and academic exchange activities organized by Criminal Defense Research Center built through this collaboration.

Text: Fan Jiajia, Feng Rong (Intern), GZU News Center

Photography: Li Hui, GZU News Center

Chief Editor: Yin Zixi

Senior Editor: Tang Juan

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